Saturday, 28 August 2010

SPLASH August 2010

We are afloat again.

17 days on the hardstand in Rebak in August. Not the best fun a sailor can have on a boat. It was oppressively hot, day and night, with the air-con not working on the hard. (It needs seawater to cool.) Mosquitoes! Did I mention the mosquitoes? We were just unable to keep them out of the boat and a little nervous with at least one recent case of Dengue in the marina we know of.

The best part about Rebak is the pool at the end of a long hot sweaty day on the hard.

Our highlight was meeting a lovely young Danish couple here on holidays and staying in the Resort. We gave them a lift to town one day and the friendship developed from there. Stephen and Josefine Maple were a breath of fresh air and a reminder of the pleasure of the company of young people.

Our plans for the immediate future have changed again. We are going to sail down to Penang on Tuesday for Davids dental appointment on Wednesday. We will provision with the lovely fresh vegies available there, get Thai visa's, valid for the next 3 months, and then sail to Phuket again.

Yes!..I know we were going to Borneo!. BUT.... The marina at KK were less than helpful, not even answering emails. and we were unsure of berthing facility being available for the visit of Jason, Ferne, Lilly and Savannah so change of venue!

We are looking forward to our return and a much more leisurely pace while we are there this time. Maybe even some land travel? The sailing season, the best time of the year there, is just about to start so we will take this years season to enjoy the coast and islands.