Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Intrepid campers wove their merry way into the wilds of Narrikup in the south of WA at Easter to attend the wedding of the year!. A wedding they will never forget. No electric power or refrigeration. Plenty of ice though. Limited running water and Kenny toilets. On the upside though the refreshments flowed freely and the food kept coming.

Many guests stayed 2 nights and some stayed 3 or 4. Horses in floats and dogs in utes came together in a frenzy of pole erections and swag laying. Yachting friends, at home sailing in the mild climes of Asia, braved the cold, donned Drizabones and headed our way on flights from Bali, Singapore, Phuket and KL. Several boarding school mates flew in from the east coast. Sally H saw most of the weekend through the lens of her camera. 

The Chef, Wendy, flew in from New Zealand and has stayed on in the sunny west. Jo and daughter Gen arrived from Melbourne ..eventually! (thats a whole other story)

Beavering away at the piles of farm junk accumulated in and around the wedding venue saw David, Wendy, (who arrive a week early thankfully) and I suitable knackered by the big day. Fortunatly there were a big band of merry helpers ready to lay their backs to the wheel. Tin went on the wall, wood was gathered, the Big Wood Water Heater was designed and built by my beloved brother Vern. And what treasures they both are! 

Harley, a neighbour, blazed the trail to the camp with his fabulous new tractor and slasher. Balloons were blown and we were ready to party. Stuff was gathered from generous friends to facilitate the day. Eskies, generator, cables, ropes and tarps to name a few. The forecast was bleak!

Dawn of the big day was a little grey, however, although the sun didnt shine, it was mild and fine. Jumpers went on and off again. Horses were warmed up ready for the fray. Bridesmaides saddled Jumangi for Kris, donned their Akubras and mounted their trusty steeds. Most were pretty fresh and some, downright feral!. The bride issued with a steadying glass of Champagne, was hustled to the salon for a touch up job by Daun and Richelle.

Mobs of bods started arriving and a freshly painted bride was seen scampering off in the direction of the horse camp to pick up the "posie".

Drums rolled as Jim cranked up "Water Music" by Pavarotti on the ute stereo, the gathering gathered, and the clip clop of neddies was heard coming around the dam.

An elegant if somewhat eclectic cavalcade hove into view led variously by Lilly, Ferne with Savannah, Jean, Sally, Kris, Jo, or Michelle, depending upon who's steed was under control!.

David met the Bride in a timely fashion (before she was unceremoniously dumped off) and ably assisted her to dismount, whereupon she was led away to the podium to be wed.

Captain Ganghook, alias Chris Morris, presided over the formalities and vows were variously exchanged amid much hilarity. (See excerpt attached)

Davids son Tim and Kris's son Jason were the whiteness's and never were there two finer whiteness's. Kate Thomas was the official Celebrant and kept the whole rabble in general order to ensure that the legal requirements were met. A fine job she did too!

To seal the bargain Gary and Libby provided an awesome bottle of champagne complete with gold in bubbles! This was to be the only gold about on the day and what better way to enjoy it than to get it in you!

Let the party begin. Only one speech. Colin made a considerably suitable and entertaining speech, elucidating some of Kris's past and inviting David into the fold. After this everything got a little relaxed and no more speakers came forward. Only serious eating, drinking, and yarn swapping left to do. Wendy had slaved over the slow combustion Rayburn to produce a veritable feast. Meat from Mount Barker meats was tender and tasty farm grown local food. Stayers were still partying until 4am but most good bush folk were in the sack by the bewitching hour.

The morning after: its a long slow BBQ breakfast, a bit of quiet strolling in the scrub, visits to horses or other camps and for the more energetic, a horse ride round the farm. There was a general long slow wind down and a gradual departure. 1 44gal Drum full of empty wine and champagne and another full of beer cans and bottles attested to the capacity of the 70 + guests consumption ability. There was still plenty cold in the chilly bins though. The dying embers of the Hot Water Heater signaled the end of a fun and memorable Easter weekend.

We had a lot of fun and hope all who attended did too. David and I would like to thank all those who came, played and pitched in and made this such a memorable weekend. We are looking forward to our return home to quaff the excellent vintages so generously gifted to us. Thank you