Wednesday, 11 February 2009


We've had an exciting and busy time in the past couple of months. We arrived in Phuket on the 20th of November after a pleasant sojourn in company with "Tweed", exploring Phang Nga Bay between Langkawi and Ao Chalong.
Chris Cook and Djep arrived in Phuket for a few days in early December.
On the 9th we celebrated Kris's Birthday at Nai Yang Seafood with all our fantastic friends.
Then Colin and Edna, Kris's mum and dad, flew in on the 13th of December from Australia. There followed a flurry of sight seeing before taking them on a 3 day sail into Phang Nga Bay then back to Yacht Haven. Edna and Colin then spent a couple of days at a small resort on Kamala Beach. During this period we all went shopping and provisioning preparative to the grand Xmas adventure out in the bay. The chosen beach was Cable Beach on Ko Yo Yai, 3 hours pleasant sailing from Yacht Haven. Its a pretty sandy beach with Palm trees and Casurinas for a bit of Australian flavour. Its major attraction however is that it is uninhabited, a rare thing for a nice beach in Thailand.

David and Colin immediately set to work ashore with plans for the construction of a table in anticipation of great feasting. A rake was also ordered to clear traditional Thai debris (thongs, plastic bottles fishing floats, bits of net and such) from the immediate surrounds. It wasn't very long before three curious local lads arrived on a motor bike and without any prompting they joined the team.
The table required a considerable number of thin poles, and David, reluctant to attack the native flora indicated to the boys what he required. Forthwith they snatched his big machete and dashed into the jungle. A short while later returning with a pile of poles and palm leaves to cover the top
Using the electric drill and a copious number of stainless steel screws, the lads set to work to create the frame of the 15 ft long 4 ft wide table. David showed them how the electric zip ties work and they soon used the ships generous supply of those in fastening the palm leaves to the top. I think every palm leaf had its own zip tie.
The completed rake is a work of art, both in form and function!.
"Jaraman", "Tweed" and "More Magic" arrived in a fog of the delicious aromas of cooking xmas fare.
 Xmas Eve we all feasted on More Magic and sang loud and long, well known, and not so well known, Xmas carols.
Xmas Morning everyone was aboard "Taipan" for Santa's visit and champagne breakfast. The weather was looking threatening. This is the only time the Thai forecast has been correct. It forecast rain.
Undeterred, we made for the beach at sunset, laid out the banquet and got the feasting under way. Sumptuous fat stuffed Turkey, Ham from Australia, Duck with Orange, Prawn salad and roasted veggies, all finished off with Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce and cream. Well it rained...and rained and we all got soaked, our party hats ran into our clothes and dyed our hair, but the umbrellas kept the food dry. It wasn't cold and with good company, a few champagnes and wines down the hatch we barely noticed.
The Boxing Day Beach Boules Tournament saw everyone back on the beach for furthur epicurean and alcohol delights and it was a hotly contested competition between the guys and dolls. The Dolls ...including the honorary ones...won the day. The evening repast was held on Jaraman, the crews all still going strong after a marathon Xmas effort.
Edna's 81st birthday on the 27th saw us back at Yacht haven and off again to Naii Yang Seafood. This top seafood restaurant once again hosted the evening in superb style with Oysters of the highest quality, their speciality.
New Years Eve its all aboard Taipan in Panwa Bali on the southern end of Phuket after abandoning the traditional New Years Eve venue of Patong owing to unrelenting rolling. Tweed and Crystal Blues joined us aboard and the night whizzed by in a blur of fireworks food and alcohol. Neil and Edna share the sir name "Langford" so there was some family history to explore. Its likely that there is some link going back to Wales in the last century! A great night was had by all and we all saw a good bit of the new year in!