Wednesday, 15 September 2004

KING GEORGE RIVER. 15th September

Wednesday 15th September
We have some waypoints for the bar crossing from Yampi and after a frustrating hour or so last night, this morning we go straight in on them. They are anchored inside. While Tas and Pearl go to catch some bait fish David makes pikelets and invited Yampi crew for afternoon tea. Ken and I swap a bit of software, tide programe and some charts. 
Kimberley Escape heads upstream in King George River.

Up the river as the sun sets and it's another unforgettable stunning sunset in this spectacular river. We are anchored on a big bend with majestic red rock cliffs towering over us. There's a small sand spit fringed by mangroves and it looks like an ideal spot close for the fishy action. As it gets dark the fish are a jumpin! Wow.. Fishing heaven. Trevally everywhere the bait fish are dead but a rig with two hooks tied to 50lb line is pretty effective and the phosphorescence is breathtaking. Pools of light float past in the current, occasionally coming close enough to see the individuals fish lit up like stars, swirling around in schools. The fish chasing the lures become darts of bright light swooping on it. The Lures greate their own phosphorescence.
Our attempt to catch mud crabs next morning was unsuccessful so up anchor and slow motoring the 14nm upriver marveling at the amazing gorges, cliffs, waterfalls and an occasional wallaroo. There are very few breaks in the sheer red rock walls which zig zag inland to the falls. The rocks appear to be just balanced on each other with very little holding them there. The river is often only about 150M wide and the cliffs are at least 80M high.
The best is saved for last. Suddenly the river stops at the Majestic Twin Falls. The highest falls in Australia at 100m. Millions of tons of water rush over these falls every wet season. It's dry season now so we can safely approach right to the base of them. Tied up to a small hole in the rock marveling at the spectacle.

Taipan at the bottom of the falls

Amazing photo by unknown photographer from the same spot, in the wet