Wednesday, 17 November 2021


Our new Swift 3.1m RIB Australian made. Our first one lasted for 15 years.

we were Medivaced back to Australia from Tahiti. The process was protracted by Covid and the inevitable delay was frustrating and very stressful. After quarantine and several specialists appointments in Perth, we went back to the farm. David underwent endarterectomy surgery in Perth to clear out a blocked Carotid Artery and 6 weeks later we were given the all-clear to fly to Queensland, and back to Taipan. 

Airlines, more specifically QANTAS pissed us around, canceled our flight, and made no endeavor to recompense us or make an alternative booking so we caved in and took a VIRGIN flight direct to Brisbane on the 29th of September. It was great. Stayed a night at an airport hotel and had a driver take us to BOATWORKS Coomera, near the Gold Coast, the following morning. 

Arrival on the 30th of September and inspection of Taipan left us somewhat deflated, as the extent of the damage and dirt were unexpected. The cleaning and repairs we had entirely underestimated.  Now 6 weeks into it with 2 of those weeks back on the water we are mostly back in shape. The major job was the gearbox, which was ominously empty of oil on inspection. Sure enough, the gears were all case hardened and we had to wait 3 weeks for very costly repairs and new parts. The skipper was very lucky to have made it into port in that condition. 

We didn't get the Gyprock finishing done.
Labour was scarce with the building boom.

A new Swift dingy arrived, having been ordered a month or so earlier. We knew the Walker Bay was stuffed. A useless thing it was! A new mast track was installed for the spinnaker pole, a new boom bag replaced our very shabby 12 year old one. Drive Shaft and Propeller were inspected and the Propeller was re-pitched and Prop Speed applied. New cutlass bearing, flexible coupling, and Dripless Seal were fitted. We replaced the air conditioner we installed in Thailand in 2009, after many years of service it finally died in Tahiti just before we left.  The bottom was in good shape and didn't require a lot of prep as they have a great high-pressure wash down here. 

The Boatworks is an outstanding facility staffed by professionals. The best we have ever encountered in all our travels. Proper stairs to each boat deck. No ladders!! Clean facilities and lovely gardens. The service providers are also excellent, prompt, friendly, and effective. Outstanding amongst them was Rene Airconditioning & Refrigeration and Watsons Engineering. Da Met did the Gearbox restoration. 

BBQ area and Yachtie meeting place.

There are 6 vehicles available for patrons' use. A simple phone call will secure one for up to 3 hours at a time during the week and all weekend if you get in early enough. We have secured a car for all but one of our weekends here and have been able to visit cruising friends in Manly, about an hour's drive north, a couple of times. We took a drive up to Mt Tambourine one weekend for a break from the yard. There is no cost for the car. A donation or fuel in the tank suffices. The laundries are free, there are several decent restaurants and cafes, a gym and beautiful BBQ facilities where we meet most nights.

We are still on the dock at Boatworks but looking forward to moving on to anchor soon. Then we will move north into Morton Bay and Brisbane to catch up with friends.

Boats are a lot of work but you have to do something so it might as well be boat work! David's recovery is complete. He shows no signs of having had a stroke. Counting ourselves very lucky.

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